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Prashant Kapoor

Chief Industry Specialist, Green Buildings and Cities, Climate Business Department, IFC

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A champion of sustainable built environments, Prashant Kapoor, is a passionate advocate for sustainable solutions that align the interests of businesses, financial institutions, governments and civil society.

He is the entrepreneur who created EDGE to mainstream resource-efficient building growth in emerging markets. Prashant is currently leading the APEX Green Cities Program that supports cities to transition to low-carbon and resource-efficient growth pathways. As a part of the Program, he has developed the APEX online app that allows cities to map out different action plans and evaluate their cost, feasibility, and impact. Under his leadership, IFC has created a green buildings portfolio that totals more than $6 billion.

Before joining IFC, Prashant was a director at WSP consultants in London where he led the sustainability strategy and masterplanning business. He holds architecture degrees from Manipal Institute of Technology (India) and a master’s degree from Oxford Brooks University (UK).