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Priya Pillai

Lead Research Uptake and Corporate Partnerships, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust for STRIVE projects

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Priya Pillai is the Lead, Research Uptake and Corporate Partnerships in Karnataka Health Promotion Trust for STRIVE projects. She designs and implements the knowledge into action strategy for these projects, leads partner based monitoring activities as an embedded evaluator, and oversees the social media and corporate outreach efforts.
Priya has worked on issues of gender across sectors including governance, microfinance, and public health and disaster and resilience. She has been an expert contributor at UNODC and UNDP panels on gender and governance; has co-authored the seminal work, ‘seeing beyond the state: grassroots women’s perspectives on corruption and anti-corruption’ from UNDP; recommended actions to engender GIZ programmes on urban food supply chain in Karnataka; formulated the Jakarta Resolution to inform frameworks on post-MDG 2015 anti-corruption actions at the UN High Level Panel in Indonesia in 2013; provided strategic communication services to influence national policy change in India for the International Transport Workers’ Federation, United Kingdom; drafted the toolkit for engendering anti-corruption initiatives of UNDP; and researched the impact of community mobilisation on HIV risk reduction among female sex workers.
Priya is interested in innovative grassroots model for growth, synergies of public-private partnerships that further development and using new media to build networks and mobilise action. Outside of work, travelling and all things creative energise her. She can be contacted at [email protected]