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Ramesh Govindaraj

Lead Health Specialist

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Dr. Ramesh Govindaraj is a Lead Specialist in the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice of the World Bank. Ramesh has an MD in Ophthalmology from the University of Delhi and an M.S. in Health Policy and Management and a D.Sc. in International Health Economics and Policy from Harvard University. He has over 25 years of development experience, working in a diverse settings including as a practicing physician in India, in an international NGO based in California, in the research-based pharmaceutical industry in New Jersey, and as a senior researcher at Harvard University. Prior to joining the Bank, Ramesh spent many years in the field, living and working in the Africa, South Asia and East Asia regions. In addition to his work on health systems and health care financing, he is one of very few pharmaceutical experts at the World Bank. Ramesh has published widely in peer reviewed pharmaceuticals, health and development journals and edited volumes, and holds adjunct appointments at leading universities in the United States.