Rami Amin

Rami Amin

Consultant, Office of the Director of Digital Development

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Dr. Rami Amin works at The World Bank on projects focusing on AI, 5G, IoT, cybersecurity, and data infrastructure in emerging markets in collaboration with the IFC. His work informs Bank-financed operations, government policies and national strategies on how to accelerate digital transformation, sectoral investment, and economic development. He also heads the Unit’s Thought Leadership and Analytical Insights publication, presenting the latest research and trends shaping the global digital economy.

Prior to joining the World Bank Group he managed Oxford University’s leading research center for interdisciplinary collaboration, providing early-stage funding for projects considered to be radically innovative with high-impact potential. He helped evaluate and decide which proposals would receive financial backing and coordinated a portfolio of project teams. He also worked for the ECIR Initiative at MIT developing an early proposal for global cyber diplomacy, and was also a Google Policy Fellow where he drafted a case for revising WTO rules to mitigate anti-competitive trading practices in the digital economy. Outside of the Bank he collaborates with business accelerators in Silicon Valley to evaluate emerging tech business plans, and lectures on Innovation and Public Policy courses at Imperial College London.

Dr. Amin was awarded a PhD / DPhil from Oxford University where he was a Clarendon Scholar, and was also a Policy and International Affairs Fellow at Princeton University. He earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and a second Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering.