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Rosemary Rop

Water & Sanitation Specialist

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Rosemary Rop works on pro poor reforms with regulatory agencies, utilities and non governmental organizations to extend water and sanitation services to marginalized communities. She has been involved in designing the Nyalenda delegated management model, and strengthening citizen voice in the sector through participatory approaches and ICT solutions like MajiVoice, a system wide feedback mechanisms for water and sanitation services in urban areas. She led stakeholder support in the development of the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW) Policy and Strategy for Mainstreaming Gender in Africa’s Water Sector to promote women's voice and economic opportunities in sector management. Rosemary joined the WBG in 2005 and has worked in South Asia, East and West Africa regions. Prior to this Rosemary worked with a bilateral program extending integrated WASH services to rural areas, and later as founder of a local NGO to communities living in urban informal settlements. She holds a BA and MA in social anthropology from Nairobi university and post graduate training in water and electricity utility regulation.