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Sabina Panth is a former consultant to the World Bank's External Affairs Operational Communication department (EXTOC).  

Sabina has been involved in the international development field for over a decade.  Her experience ranges from grassroots mobilization of women's microfinance groups in rural Nepal to macro-level project design and policy advice through her work at the Nepal's National Planning Commission, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Water Resources, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, CIDA, DFID, Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF), the International Foundations for Election Systems (IFES) and PACT.  She currently sits in the advisory board of the NGO, Nepal Development Watchdog.

Sabina holds a Bachelors Degree in Environment from Gustavus Adolphus College and a Masters Degree in Sustainable International Development from the Heller School of Management and Social Policy at Brandeis University. She is trained in social analysis, policy research, program design, implementation, training and monitoring work.  Sabina is specifically interested in exploring and analyzing relations of inequality in access to resources, power and opportunities that ultimately shape the gap between the rich and the poor.