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Sabine Beddies

Senior Urban Specialist

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Sabine Beddies is a Senior Urban Specialist in the Global Practice for Social, Urban Rural and Resilience in the Middle East and North Africa Region. She was part of the team which initially developed the PSIA approach back in 2002, and the framework for political economy in policy reforms in 2008. She has applied the PSIA approach to numerous sectors and countries – analyzing the political economy of reform in the water sector in Yemen, Palestine, Albania, and Montenegro; in the sanitation sector in Brazil, Senegal, Indonesia and India; in the education sector in Tajikistan; in the agricultural sector in Tanzania; on municipal service reform in Macedonia; and on local taxation in Tanzania; with the cross-cutting themes of decentralization, governance and conflict. Prior to her current assignment, she worked in the Bank’s former social development network, as well as for UNDP in Albania and the EU in Tanzania. Sabine holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics focusing on inclusive cities and governance.