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Sandro Nozadze

Procurement Specialist

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Sandro Nozadze has been a procurement specialist with the World Bank since July 2011. In that time, he has led more than 20 Investment Lending Projects in Georgia and Azerbaijan. As project lead, Sandro focuses on building the capacity of borrowers through trainings, and he helps with the day to day supervision of World Bank-financed projects. Sandro also acts as the focal point to share Georgia’s E-Procurement experience with ECCU3 countries, as well as with the Governance Global Practice. 

Before joining the World Bank, Sandro was the Deputy Head of the Credits and Grants Department in the Roads Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia, starting in May 2006, where he helped coordinate and manage the procurement activities of various Donors and World Bank-financed projects. Later, in January 2007, Sandro was appointed as the Head of the Credits and Grants Department. In September 2007, Sandro became a procurement specialist for PIU and was responsible for the procurement of civil works, goods, and consultancy services, while providing advisory services to the Roads Department. In October 2009, Sandro took the position of Procurement Consultant in the newly created Foreign Project Unit of the Roads Department. He was also engaged in procurement under the ADB, and JICA loans in the Roads Department. During that time, he also consulted on procurement with the MDF (Municipal Development Fund of Georgia). 

Sandro graduated from the European School of Management (ESM – Tbilisi) in 2006 with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and he holds a Master’s Degree in Road Engineering from the Technical University of Georgia.