Sanjay Agarwal, Senior Social Development Specialist at the World Bank

Sanjay Agarwal

Senior Social Development Specialist

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Sanjay Agarwal is a Senior Social Development Specialist with over 25 years of cumulative cross-sectoral experience spanning 30 countries across five regions. At the Bank, Sanjay has been engaged in the operational mainstreaming of citizen engagement approaches, including grievance mechanisms and social risk management issues. He is the LCR focal point on citizen engagement. In LCR he is working on several operations in the Caribbean countries. Prior to that, in the ECA Region, he was engaged in projects in Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Georgia and Armenia on a range of social risk management issues. Before the World Bank, Sanjay worked with the Indian Administrative Service where he had assignments in the Ministry of Finance and as administrator of several districts in the State of Maharashtra, India, where he was exposed to a variety of social development and public sector management issues such as decentralization and local governance, community-driven development. Sanjay has two master’s degrees in Behavioral and Social Sciences (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India) and Business Administration with a focus on strategy and finance (University of Maryland, College Park, USA).