Sara Sultan, Senior Knowledge Management Officer, Transport Global Practice, World Bank

Sara Sultan

Senior Knowledge Management Officer, Transport Global Practice

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Sara Sultan is the Senior Knowledge Management Officer at the World Bank specializing in organizational change, knowledge management strategies, strategic communication and learning program design. With degrees in Computer Science, and Organization Development and Knowledge Management (ODKM), she is tasked with managing operational knowledge assets by employing best practices for knowledge sharing, creating custom tools and dashboards, building communities of practice and delivering demand-based solutions in a fast-paced international development domain. Her expertise include knowledge curation, visual storytelling and digital design, content management, and customized end-user interventions to facilitate knowledge flows for operational effectiveness on the front lines.
Sara’s sectoral experience spans the Transport and Water Global Practices, and the Finance and Private Sector Development Vice Presidency. She has previously worked in the World Bank Chief Economist’s Office, and for Deloitte and Touche, prior to joining the Bank.