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Shahid Khandker

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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Shahid Khandker is a former Lead Economist in the Agriculture and Rural Development Unit of the Development Research Group.  Before that was Lead Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Division of the World Bank Institute where he taught courses on poverty and impact evaluation.  He has produced two well known handbooks in the current development literature during his tenure in WBI: Handbook on Poverty and Inequality, and Handbook on Impact Evaluation—Quantitative Methods and Practices. During his over 20 years in the bank, he has worked extensively on research topics such as microfinance, rural finance, poverty, rural infrastructure, rural energy, and agriculture development.  He has authored more than three dozen articles in peer-reviewed journals, and authored several books, including Fighting Poverty with Microcredit: Experience in Bangladesh, published by Oxford University Press.