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Siddharth Narayan

Research Scientist in Coastal Adaptation and Nature-based Solutions

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Siddharth Narayan (Sid) is a Research Scientist in Coastal Adaptation and Nature-based Solutions.

A civil and coastal engineer, hailing from Chennai in southern India, he is based at the University of California Santa Cruz and works with Michael Beck, lead marine scientist at The Nature Conservancy. He received a Master’s in Coastal Engineering from TU Delft in the Netherlands and a PhD in coastal engineering from University of Southampton, UK.
Sid’s work focuses on understanding the interactions between human and natural systems, in the context of coastal risk and adaptation, and on using this understanding to develop approaches and tools for sensible, sustainable coastal development.
He works closely with partners in the private insurance industry, academia and NGOs to understand the physical role and economic value of natural ecosystems for reducing coastal risk.