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Stéphane Straub

Chief Economist, Infrastructure Practice Group, World Bank

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Dr. Stéphane Straub is the Chief Economist for the Infrastructure Vice-Presidency, where he brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to drive forward the economic dimensions of transformative infrastructure projects. Previously, he was professor at the Toulouse School of Economics, where he remains an associate member.

He has held academic and teaching positions in Latin America, the United States, United Kingdom, and France, worked as a Lead Economist with the World Bank's Sustainable Development Practice Group in 2016-17, and as a consultant for several international institutions such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Union, and the Asian Development Bank, among others.

His focus on infrastructure, procurement, and institutions in developing nations highlights his commitment to sustainable and equitable development. Research into infrastructure's societal impact, public-private partnerships, and corruption underscores Stéphane's multidimensional approach. As a former President of the European Development Network and Secretary of the Jean-Jacques Laffont association, he champions academic excellence and positive global change.