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Suzanne Ozment

Associate II with World Resources Institute's (WRI) Global Water Program

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Suzanne Ozment is an Associate II with World Resources Institute's (WRI) Global Water Program, where she researches the design of profitable strategies to protect and restore watersheds. As member of WRI's Natural Infrastructure for Water team, she works with business, financial institutions, and conservation organizations to scope out smart investment opportunities to protect and restore watersheds, and to advance policies that enable strategic watershed management.

Previously at WRI, Suzanne managed WRI’s Business and Ecosystem Services Project. In this capacity she implemented ecosystem services projects across six continents, producing research on the interconnections between corporate performance and ecosystem change. She has trained and advised dozens of companies to use The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review, one of the most widely used ecosystem service assessment tools in the world.

Outside WRI, Suzanne has worked in sustainability research at the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business and environmental advocacy at the Ecological Society of America. She has served as a Teaching Fellow at the Yale School of Management and a Consultant for NatureServices Peru, the first certified B Corp in Peru.

Suzanne earned her Master of Environmental Management degree from Yale University and her B.A. in Environmental Science and Government from Lawrence University. She is a Yale Fox International Fellow and a Kinship Conservation Fellow.