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Tania Ghossein

Senior Global Specialist

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Tania Ghossein is a lawyer with the World Bank Group in Washington DC since 2008. She is currently a Senior Global Specialist in the Global Business Regulation Unit of the Macro, Trade and Investment Global Practice where she is advising governments on how to improve their business regulatory environments. Prior to that, Tania was leading the World Bank’s Benchmarking Public Procurement as well as the Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships global projects. Prior to joining the World Bank, Tania worked as a corporate lawyer and had extensive experience in the private banking sector in Beirut, Lebanon. She then moved to the US and joined the Embassy of Jordan in Washington D.C. Tania holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in international and comparative law from the George Washington University Law School and a law degree from the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. Tania has published several reports and papers on the topics of public procurement and private sector development, among others.