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Tom Bundervoet

Poverty Economist

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Tom Bundervoet joined the World Bank in 2012 as Poverty Economist in Rwanda. Tom is an applied economist whose research mainly focuses on the impact evaluation of development interventions and the analysis of the impact of shocks on household- and individual-level outcomes. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Brussels, together with a Master in Economics and Bachelor in Social and Political Sciences from the same university. Tom is -weird as it may sound- passionate about the design and implementation of household surveys and the use of technology in data collection, and has implemented surveys in many countries in East, Central and West Africa and South-East Asia. He has published several articles in international peer-reviewed academic journals and acts as referee for several academic journals. Before joining the World Bank, Tom has worked in academics, NGO and private sector in various countries in Africa. Tom is always ready for football, coffee, or random chats on the issue of econometric identification.