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Victor Hugo Villarreal Molina

Jefe Unidad de Planificación del Sistema Integrado de Transporte en Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de La Paz

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Victor Hugo Villarreal Molina. Since 2007 he has served in different instances of the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz, which are in charge of Urban Mobility, Public Space and Urban Design.

He has worked in all phases of planning, design and implementation of the La Paz Bus Municipal Transit Service from 2010 to date, performing functions as the chief of the Infrastructure and Planning Units of the Municipal Transit Service and General Directorate of the integrated transportation system, respectively. He is responsible for implementing the Pumakatari Bimodal Service (2014) with great success in incorporating the bicycle in the urban trips of the city of La Paz.

Victor Hugo has a degree in Architecture from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and a Master in Urban Design from the Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo (La Paz - Bolivia) and specializes in Urban Mobility.