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This Report was prepared by a team led by Luis Felipe López-Calva and Yongmei Zhou. Lead chapter authors were Edouard Al-Dahdah, David Bulman, Deborah Isser, Marco Larizza, Ezequiel Molina, Abla Safir, and Siddharth Sharma. The extended core team was composed of Kimberly Bolch, Lidia Ceriani, Samantha Lach, Bradley Larson, Annamaria Milazzo, and Evgenia Pugacheva. Brónagh Murphy and Jason Victor served as the production and logistics team for the Report. Mart Kivine led partner relations and provided strategic advice and support for resource mobilization. Stephen Commins provided consultations support and advice on the “green cover” consultation. The team received excellent research assistance from Yanina Eliana Domenella, Simona Ross, and Hari Subhash. This work was carried out under the general direction of Kaushik Basu, Shanta Devarajan, and Indermit Gill. The team is also grateful for comments and suggestions from Paul Romer.