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William Vigil-Oliver

International Comparison Program (ICP), The World Bank

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William Vigil-Oliver is part of the International Comparison Program (ICP) team at the World Bank. He oversees ICP activities in Latin America and the Caribbean and works on economic statistics, quantitative methods and analytics, survey methods and understanding the impact of spatial price differences on poverty measures. Prior to the ICP, he worked in the World Bank’s Health Unit and for the WHO’s Regional Office for the Americas on health economics. William has collaborated with the IMF, UN agencies, private firms, universities and national governments; and written and contributed to reports on economics statistics and health economics. He has also presented on these topics at various international meetings and seminars. His current areas of interest include statistical computing, the relevance of epigenetics for the study of economic outcomes, measuring the digital economy and the implications of complex systems for policy. William has an MS in Applied Economics with a focus on Quantitative Methods from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in International Relations from Boston University.