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Yara Salem

Senior Infrastructure Specialist

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Yara has joined the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid team recently as a Senior Infrastructure Specialist to support the team’s operations in Solid Waste Management area, the transformation of GPOBA into a center of Expertise and engagement in FCS. Over the past 18 years, Yara has worked as a business woman starting and leading the first life insurance company in Palestine, a Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for development cooperation with SIDA and DFID, and a PSD Specialist in UNDP and UNIDO. Since joining the WBG as a PSD Specialist in 2008, Yara has worked on a wide range of investment climate related issues in many countries around the globe to enhance their legal and regulatory systems. She also supported corporate function by managing the IFC Advisory Services portfolio analytics function.  Her most recent work experience has been with the IFC Investment Climate Department reforming trade facilitations measures of several African and Caribbean countries. Yara holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degrees in international relations, economics and trade.