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By making social protection systems ‘adaptive,’ countries in the region can help households better prepare for, cope with, and adapt to shocks and ensure that they do not fall (deeper) into…

Asha Williams |

Si los sistemas de protección social se tornan “adaptativos”, los países de la región pueden ayudar a los hogares a prepararse mejor para las crisis, enfrentarlas y adaptarse a ellas, además de…

Asha Williams |

One antidote to so much uncertainty is to rebuild public confidence by recognizing needs beyond COVID-19: normalizing life by slowly reintroducing familiar health interventions.

Heidi J. Larson |

What makes the public and private engagement in hydromet services successful, and why does it work in some countries and not in others?

Anna-Maria Bogdanova, Makoto Suwa, Guillermo A. Siercke |

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have placed Malaysians — the vulnerable and the pandemic poor — in a particularly precarious position.

Kenneth Simler |

An innovative financial product weathers the COVID-19 storm

Anderson Caputo Silva, Jose Antonio Gragnani, Shirmila Ramasamy |

COVID-19 has forced transport professionals to rethink the way they anticipate and prevent risk. But how exactly can we measure the costs and benefits of enhancing the resilience of transport…

Nancy Vandycke, José Viegas |

After plummeting in April, oil prices have partially rebounded in response to a steep drop in production, particularly among OPEC and its partners. While consumption has risen from its lows in…

Peter Nagle |

Do you like using finance to help solve society's greatest challenges? Are you inspired by a global mission to end poverty? Do you want to build a career in finance with a global impact? Then…

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