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December 2018

Public procurement in the Belt and Road Initiative

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For all the attention the trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative receives, there is remarkably little reliable information about the procurement practices that are used to award BRI projects such as ports, roads and railways.
When it comes to public procurement of BRI-related contracts, two questions arise. First, how does procurement work—who gets contracts and on what basis? Second, to what extent do the procurement practices applied in BRI projects align with international good practices and differ from ones used in national procurement tenders?
Photo Credit: Construction workers on site. Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank

A look at logistics within Belt and Road economies

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Businesses of all sizes know that the key to growth is getting more products into the hands of consumers. Savvy business owners also know that strong logistics can make this possible. Without a reliable way to transport goods across borders, warehouse inventory, deliver shipments from airports and terminals, or manage customs clearance, customers never get what they purchased, and businesses never get their profits.