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Submitted by Jonathan Humphreys on
I am currently undertaking a project for university at the moment concerning this exact problem - Mega City Transport. Prior to seeing this idea, I had an idea for a 'Stilted Vehicle', however I soon discarded it for making more problems than it solved. I think if you can't convince people of an idea quickly, and it has to be constantly justified, it is probably not the greatist idea. Curitiba was mentioned in the blog and proves that simple, well organised infrastructure with simple and exisitng technology can go along way - so many people use this system becasue they have confidence in it, and it is relatively cheap bearing in mind thats all they spend on transport(10% of the average wage earner) I may be wrong here, but i think i am right in saying the Curitiba transport system began in the 60's, and grew very slowly. People generally dislike change and will be adverse to it. My point is that maybe the 'Bridge Bus' is too complicated a solution, and instead a step by step process is required for a simpler idea. p.s. By no means do I believe I am working on the same level as these designers, this is just my educated point of view on the subject, and the Bridge Bus' could be a revolutionary idea...