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  • Reply to: Passengers of recently opened Wuzhou-Nanning rail line describe new opportunities   11 months 3 weeks ago

    Low fares are nice, but do passenger payments cover all the costs?

    Am surprised that buses on reserved or priority lanes would not offer superior service at lower cost. A link to a relevant study would be of interest.

  • Reply to: ¿Puede tu empleador afectar tu viaje casa-trabajo?   1 year 3 days ago

    Gracias por compartir el interesante articulo. Mi opinion es que el Banco Mundial no hace suficiente para promover el uso alternativo de transportede sus propios empleados. Dos medidas que podria tomra son:
    1. Continuar y aumentar el subsidio para uso de transporte publico (metro y bus).
    2. promover el uso de bicicletas de la casa al trabajo, a traves de inventivos. Por ejemplo, dar subisdios a los empleados para el uso de las duchas o dar acceso gratis al uso d elas duchas y lockers. Hasta hoy en dia los empleados tiene que pagar por el uso de lockers.

  • Reply to: Is Public Transport Affordable?   1 year 2 weeks ago

    In the US, the public transport is expensive. For example, a trip for someone close to a metro that is not walkable, uses a car, pay for the parking charge and pay for up and down peak hour fares... and can easily add upto 15-20 USD a day.. The bus services are not that frequent.. And, the house rentals for houses/apartments close to metro seems to be more expensive . So not sure, whether the overall costs would be any different.. At least in one of the developoing country that I come from, the train fare does not change during peak hours, there are monthly season tickets that comes with 10-15 trip fares making it that much more affordable...

  • Reply to: Air Traffic Surveillance – How can a Boeing 777 vanish without a trace?   1 year 1 month ago

    Hi Charles, It is very intersting article that permit know about the new sistems to locate airplanes. I distribute your article to CEECA members in Guatemala.

  • Reply to: Air Traffic Surveillance – How can a Boeing 777 vanish without a trace?   1 year 1 month ago

    Hi Norbert,

    Yes, ABS-B on a 1090 extended squitter can be turned off by the crew, by switching off the transponder. Only ADS-B that is transmitting on a UAT (978 MHz) typically is ON as long as the Battery Switch of an aircraft is ON.

    I think that in the future aircraft systems will be redesigned so that an ADS-B system never can be switched off. However, we don't know why the transponder stopped functioning. It could have been turned off manually, flown out of range, or malfunctioned maybe due to an electrical fire.