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  • Reply to: Want dramatic road safety results? Look to South Korea.   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Hello, South Korea's statistics are very impressive. It is wonderful to see road safety measures applied and very successful. We are trying to reduce the number of road accidents in Kenya caused by Public Service Vehicles. The campaing is called Zusha, the drive behind the campaign is urging passengers to speak up against reckless driving. In the research stage of Zusha, road accidents caused by PSVs was reduced by 50%. Hopefully the current stage will be more successful. You can get more information about our campaign in Kenya via our website

  • Reply to: Road crashes have more impact on poverty than you probably thought   2 weeks 6 days ago

    The social costs of vehicle accidents are having a great impact on our lives when it could be avoided. It sounds like there should be better, in-depth adult drivers education courses offered in the US. Better driving education would lead to fewer accidents, saving people's lives and jobs in the process.

  • Reply to: Want dramatic road safety results? Look to South Korea.   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Well done South Korea. However I must point out that this improvement in road safety is not unprecedented. The Netherlands has achieved a similar improvement in road safety for children - a 98% reduction between the 1970s and now - but with an important difference in how was achieved in comparison with South Korea.

    The Dutch improvement in safety came about while giving children an enormous degree of freedom. Almost all Dutch children ride bicycles to school. UNICEF rates the well-being (i.e. their happiness) of Dutch children as the best in the world in large part because of their freedom.

    If it were possible to include links here then I would provide you with supporting evidence. As this is not possible I can only refer you to my blog where I've written about these subjects. Search for "a view from the cycle path".

  • Reply to: ​“Smart Mobility”: is it the time to re-think urban mobility?   1 month 2 days ago

    Hello Ke Fang,
    That is a nice article, I like your thinking. I say the term "Smart city or Smart Mobility" is ambiguous, it is often overlaps with the concepts of digital city. Smart city is an approach to doing more with less, with digital city as a subset but not a primary ingredient.

  • Reply to: On roads everywhere, we are calling for greater protection for our children   1 month 2 weeks ago

    That was unfortunate Zoleka, sorry for your loss. A lot needs to be done to change the state of roads everywhere to ensure safety of our future generations on the road. Kenya has already started out with the Zusha ( The campaign urges passenger to speak up against reckless driving.