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عندما تهدد حوادث الطرق الحياة والنمو، لا يمكن تأجيل العمل اللازم

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كان شهر نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني شهراً محموماً مليئاً بالعمل لقطاع النقل.

سواء في بوينس آيرس أو أبوظبي، أو في الاجتماع العالمي الأخير للاتحاد الدولي للطريق في الرياض، واجتماعات تغير المناخ في وارسو، ساهم البنك الدولي في مناقشات حاسمة حول كيفية تحقيق أفضل الإمكانات التحويلية لقطاع النقل.

When Road Crashes Threaten Lives and Growth, Action Cannot Wait

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November has been a hectic month for the transport sector.

Whether in Buenos Aires or Abu Dhabi, or at the recent World Meeting of the International Road Federation in Riyadh, and the climate change meetings in Warsaw, the World Bank has contributed to critical discussions on how to best realize the transformative potential of the transport sector.

Acting Now to Achieve Accessible Transportation and Universal Mobility

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There is great diversity of needs among people with disabilities. Specific impairment may be linked to a physical, hearing, speech, visual or cognitive condition. And the reality is that almost everyone will face temporary or permanent disability at some point in life. This can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from disease, old age to accidents.

Of Runways and Playgrounds

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Touchdown on the runway at Funafuti Airport in Tuvalu. The ATR-42 that brought us here from Nadi in Fiji slowly rolls toward the apron and as we step off the plane we are greeted by what seems to be a Welcome Committee for the plane’s arrival. With only two flights a week, the excitement of airplanes landing and departing has clearly not worn off yet – from grandmothers to playing children, young men on

Why Vehicle Safety Matters in Crash-Related Deaths

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As a researcher in vehicle safety, my friends in the US often ask, “Which is the safest car to buy?” My friends and family back in India, on the other hand, have never connected with that question. Cars sell for brand-name, comfort and fuel economy, not for the way they perform in a crash.

It’s Time to Take the Bus!

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Rapid motorization and traffic congestion are becoming a major challenge for large cities in the developing world, and generating significant economic and social costs. In Cairo, for instance, the World Bank estimates that congestion costs are as high as US$8 billion or 4% of the city’s GDP.