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Raja Rehan Arshad

Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist
Raja Rehan Arshad is Lead Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Specialist in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, currently DRM Coordinator in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Previously he was Team Leader of Resilient Recovery in the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) at the World Bank since February 2012. He has worked in the development field for over 25 years with the last 22 years in the World Bank. In addition to working in Disaster Risk Management, he has worked in Water and Sanitation, Urban, Rural Development, Community Driven Development, Local Governments and Decentralization, and conflict affected countries. He has led and participated in many post-disaster damage and needs assessments and in-conflict and post-conflict assessments. Recently he led a remote-based damage and needs assessment in Syria using satellite imagery and social media analytics.  He has led preparation of and supervised projects in water, urban, community driven development, local governments, and post-disaster reconstruction.  Before moving to HQs, he was Lead Operations Officer in South Asia Urban, Water and DRM Unit of the Sustainable Development Department.  Prior to working for the Bank, he worked for USAID in Pakistan.
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