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Raja Bentaouet Kattan

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Lead Specialist, Education
Raja is a Lead Specialist in the World Bank’s Education Global Practice. Her most recent assignment was as a Program Leader for Human Development, coordinating the Bank’s human development program in education, health and nutrition, social protection, labor and gender in five countries in West Africa ( and during the time when also lead the work on Education Quality in Francophone Africa (PASEC). Prior to that (2006-2013), she worked in the Latin America and Caribbean Human Development department where she led lending and analytical programs on early childhood development, education, and skills for the labor market. From 2002-2006, Raja worked in the Human Development Department of the World Bank, where she led the seminal research on User Fees in Education, and contributed to analytical work in all areas of education, including, Public-Private Partnerships in Education, School-Based Management, Demand-Side Financing, and the Quality of Education. Raja holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University.