Each Day I See Killing


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The young boy stood before his father’s corpse, wailing. He could not believe that his father, who had gone out for breakfast, had ended up dead. He was blown up by a suicide bomber in one of Baghdad’s busiest restaurants in 2005.

I was covering the bombing attack for The Washington Post when I saw the boy becoming another digit in the count of war victims. In the news, he might be a number but in reality he became an orphan whose loss would add to the obstacles of achieving sustainable development.

When I was a reporter in my war-torn country of Iraq, I saw death every single day, in schools, markets, buses, and even worship areas. What is worse is that this is still happening, not only in Iraq but also in many other countries. Conflicts, wars, sectarianism, and racism have become a daily occurrence in the news, and it is just too disturbing.

According to the World Bank, about 1.2 billion people live in countries affected by fragility, while about 800 million people live in developing countries with the highest homicides rates. The fact that over 2 billion people in the developing world are confronted by some form of extreme violence illustrates the nature of the development challenge: Conflict and violence bar the door to development for many countries or strip years from development gains when conflict occurs.

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Each day I see killing. I don’t see peace prevailing. Each day I see a child crying or a woman sobbing. Each day I wonder when this will end – if ever!  

It is our job as global citizens to promote peace and look for prosperity and development. If we want to end poverty, we should start with this. Killing breeds poverty and conflicts have always been a huge obstacle to development. In fact, they destroy what has been achieved.

As a global citizen, if you are willing to make this fight against poverty, I invite you to participate in the World Bank’s Instagram #EachDayISee photo contest. It’s your turn to promote peace and any other development-related issue you want to change, such as corruption or gender inequality, that you see in your community.

Each day I see killing and I want to change that. What do you see that you want to change for the better? Share your Instagram photos with us and all your social networks and tag them #EachDayISee. For complete contest rules, please visit www.worldbank.org/eachdayisee

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Darsanchandra. N. Pathak.
February 04, 2015

Wish you happy day with plenty pleasure. Very glad to know that world Bank is eager to remove poverty and violence.
Let us think for poverty; first. How it arise? It arise from unemployment and rush to city. in every country more than 80% people are living in village. And no infrastructure up to village; so village people are needy of basic needs and technology. We provide education facility; so after education ; youth need job; and job opportunity is available in city; not in village. So they comes to city for job. The industry is unable to create job opportunity; against unemployment. More over agriculture zone is going expensive. So farmer's son; after education go to city. The Government is neglecting the agriculture. So indirectly we breaking village/society.And supporting rush to city. Now we should thin for how avoid; rush to city.
For avoid rush to city; we have to create job opportunity in village. There are so many job which are not require education; but only experience.
2. About violence; let us think; how it arise.Man is educated though; he creating or supported violence. This happen because this man is criminal minded.How you will change the criminal mind?
For that indirectly we are guilty; because we believe that education and culture is same. Education depends upon knowledge; and culture depends upon behaviour. How to behave as Doctor; Advocate; or as Officer; that we are not teaching in school or in college. moreover it is universal truth that we unable to change the criminal mind. The police report and history says that weaker has to suffer ; after may person or may society. so we have to make the youth/people strong. for that we have to provide gym/swimming pool with school. In city is not possible; but in village still it is possible. If we will think on this issues will adopt this ideology ; we can get two fruit. 1. More than 80% are living village among of them we can make them strong through gym/swimming. This youth will be strong ; so they will able to protect their family and village from violence. If we will join in police ; they will protect the city also.
Today degree holder is healthy but not strong so unable to face the violence.
Sir; this the easy and best ideology. We have to provide gym/swimming pool among 10 village.
Sir; I visited many village; so I can say. By adopted this ideology; the rush to city will be stop. Because youth are getting their job in village; in their home. So poverty will also avoided.