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Submitted by Aprameya Parida on
We are not using our resources in a sustainable manner despite numerous meetings by governments and important organisations.This is because we(old politicians ,bureaucrats ,others )forget about our future generations .Such philosophic thinking about our senior generations( occupying important positions) that death is comimg, so we should not think about 50 years ahead is like guillotining your own children. Next,like shrimp farming will cost us more over mangrove cultivation if you think about from economic and environment points,reminds us the unethical fishing practices in not only oceans but also in rivers.Moreover ,is it a sin to turn vegetarian(even we can lead better life)?Rather we are consuming more than earlier ,even wasting without any considerations.This won't have an impact upon likes of Bill gates,Mukesh Ambanis etc.But we should think world at large ,how each of us will remain happy and our future generations will be a happier lot.

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