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Submitted by Ralph on

It seems to me that the World Bank is trying to address the same old problem (lack of adequate knowldege management or timely learning from operations) with a new name (need to apply the science of delivery). Regardless of name, it's clearly been a challenging undertaking, and it will likely continue to be so unless strong focus and resource allocation are applied to implementation (practice) rather than on theories. The academic and the private sector are good sources of innovation in how organizations can tackle the challenge of innovation, which is generally the outcome of well managed iterative adaptation. One clear driver has been the realization that it makes more sense (in both ethic and economic terms) to try to learn timely and improve continuously throughout the project cycle from its very beggining, than from rigidly framed evaluations carried out when projects have been completed. Perhaps it's time for the World Bank Group, including the IFC (where very limited focus is made on learning), to consider integrating a solid knowledge and learning management component into each operation. It would also need a mechanism to make sure that rigurous capture, validation and dissemination of evidence-based practices are timely made.

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