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This is a very thought provoking and hard hitting article. I do hope the leaders at the UN Climate Conference understand the urgency to move fast from words to action to results.

As a first mover, private sector investor in clean energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, we have experienced these issues first hand, of course, from the other side of the table.

We are currently in the the process of implementing our first 5 MW solar power plant in rural Tanzania - to displace existing expensive fossil fuel generation which burns 21,000 liters of diesel a day!

While we appreciate the "building blocks" being set up by the World Bank in terms of government policy and regulations to promote sustainable development, unfortunately by themselves, they are not enough.

If the need of the hour is to speed and scale up, getting prices right and making finance available by themselves will not deliver results. You need the involvement of the private sector. They will be happy to share what has worked and what needs attention. Why - because they've been there and are anxious to make this work.

We will be happy to set time to share our experience.

Mayank Bhargava
NextGen Solar

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