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Submitted by Shaun Paul on

I completely agree with the thinking here on climate-smart agriculture. In today's politics, I also concur with a focus on adaptation with collateral mitigation benefits. I've previously brokered the sale of emission reduction offsets from adopting more sustainable land use practices by small holder farms and I resonate with the need to consider a landscape approach.

However, working in the private sector, it is disappointing that policymakers could not assure an adequate regulatory framework whether for emissions trading or carbon taxes that could accelerate adoption of climate-smart agriculture.

As a private investor in emerging market climate-smart agriculture, I am focused on realizing opportunities that reduce international supply chain risk, increase productivity, while enhancing production stability that anticipates increased weather variability. We favor smallholder farms and aspire to have sensible public sector investment partners.

We could bring even more private investors to climate-smart agriculture with investment risk mitigation provisions that can be afforded by greater public sector participation in capital markets benefiting climate-smart agriculture. One hurdle is that private investors can be dissuaded by the transaction costs associated with engaging multilateral agencies.

All to say that I commend you on furthering this important area of work.

Shaun Paul
People and Planet Holdings
[email protected]

- Catalyzing private investment to accelerate the regenerative power of people and nature

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