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Submitted by laila khan on

Years of Living Dangerously is a brilliant project even if forty odd years late. We have entered the sixth era of extinction, for the first time the anthropocenes responsible for it. The green house gases levels in our air are not sustainable, the damage to our waterways, extinction of species, losses to biodiversity and the ecosystems have to be reversed. Fossil fuels and agriculture are the main culprits; unseen levels of CO2 in the atmosphere resulting in extreme climate conditions that hit the poorer countries GDPs worse, desertification of the Mediterranean areas, loss of glacial sheets in all parts of the planet, deforestation can not continue at such levels if at all. Our world leaders will have to be more transparent, accountable, and farsighted. I look immensely forward to these TV series - should be shown the world over to avoid a point of no return....

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