October 16, 2020: Meetings, speeches, remarks, and appearances from the 2020 World Bank Group – IMF Annual Meetings


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As this year’s World Bank Group - International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings draw to a close, here are highlights and links for some of my engagements from the past two weeks:

Monday, October 5:

Thursday, October 15:

Even in the midst of a once-in-a-century crisis, I am encouraged by countries that are already taking bold action, learning fast, and sharing their experiences and results for the benefit of others.

I am confident that sustainable solutions will emerge, in part by embracing constructive change—through innovation, new uses for existing assets, workers using their skills in new ways, and a reset on excessive debt burdens. Strong governance systems can help by creating a stable rule of law while allowing and facilitating innovation and change.

Working together, I believe that we can shorten the downturn and build a strong foundation for a more durable model of prosperity: one that can lift all countries and all people.


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