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Are you an avid user of Flipboard and interested in development issues? We have news for you; we are now on Flipboard!

The World Bank Group has valuable content that can benefit a wide range of audiences across the world. This new service will complement our existing online assets and promote our narrative in a more engaging way for better impact.

For those unfamiliar with Flipboard, it is a digital social magazine that aggregates content from websites and social media, presents it in magazine format, and allows users to flip through the content. It is a single place to discover, collect, and share content from different publishers in a personalized magazine.

The first magazine we are launching is about gender. It highlights our efforts in ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity by empowering women.

In the coming weeks, we will launch more magazines that will cover topics the World Bank Group focuses on, such as education, health, jobs, and much more.

To subscribe to our account and free magazine, download the free Flipboard app on your smart phone or tablet, sign up or log in, and type “@worldbank” in the search field in the bar on the top, right-hand corner. 

Flipboard is also available on the Web. You can follow us and subscribe to our content by visiting:

We invite you to view, share and comment on our content. Happy flipping!

Download Flipboard: iOS | Android | Windows


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July 02, 2015

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