Views From Brazil, Ecuador and India: What Will It Take to End Poverty?


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Our World Bank community has been out in the field with video cameras asking families, farmers, workers and parents from all corners of the globe: What will it take… to improve your life?.. to get a better job? … to end poverty?

As part of our global conversation on social media and multimedia, we have received video from countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Tanzania, Laos and India. People are sharing their ideas, their hopes and their solutions for creating a better life for all.

Here are three views on #whatwillittake:

In Brazil, Maria José dos Santos tells us that providing more schools and childcare would allow mothers to get fulltime jobs. “It would be great if everybody had more access to child care and all day schools. That would enable mothers to work in peace.”

In Ecuador, a farmer named Segundo Cando Huaraca, says #ittakes water to irrigate his field, so that he can work his land rather than hire himself out as a day laborer. “With irrigation water, I do not have to go anywhere. I can work on my own land, for my family and myself.”

In India, Dhangaur emphasizes the need for good sanitation and a clean place to live and raise healthy children. “Our neighborhood is extremely filthy, and our children are being ruined in this atmosphere.”

Stay tuned for more videos from all over the world.  Post your questions on Twitter using #whatwillittake, and share your solutions with the hashtag #ittakes.

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james martone
September 26, 2012

Thank you Mehreen, this is inspiring.

Ron Marx
September 28, 2012

We need help in building sustainable agriculture over 1600 acres near Pune city
of India. We are inviting investors, large scale farming companies, agro research,
individual investors to invest and be a part of our efforts. We are trying to create jobs to the poor workers, families and farmers in rural area by proposing a collaborative lean approach. Drop me a message if anyone is interested including World Bank and visitor members.
Thanks, Ron Marx

Mansoor Ahmad
October 19, 2012

I am a Pakistani journalist. I see nothing wrong with Pakistan's economy. It only needs good governance. It needs honest and dedicated leaders. We need rule of law. We need equal opportunities in all spheres of life. Equality in health facilities, equality in education facilities, appointments on merit. We need fair and transparent accountability. The world donor institutions always press every Pakistani government for temporary changes that might take the country out of crisis at that moment. There should be no subsidies which mostly go to the rich. We do not need any government concessions but only level playing field with equal opportunities for all. We need honest, competent and hardworking bureaucracy we need a judiciary that dispenses justice quickly and efficiently and does not play to the gallery. Pakistan needs above all tolerance. Tolerance would come with fair play, justice, good governance and transparency.
Mansoor Ahmad
Senior Economic Reporter
The News