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What do you see every day that you want to change?

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No matter where in the world you live, you see and experience things every day that make you think; that upset or inspire you; that you wish were different; or that give you hope. Instead of walking past, ignoring, or pretending there’s not an issue, we want you to capture an image and share it to help raise awareness of the issues where you live.

Today the World Bank turns to you—global citizens—to give faces to the seemingly insurmountable issues you experience, like access to clean water, corruption, clean stoves, sanitation, gender inequality, or any number of other real challenges your community faces. We’re launching the #EachDayISee contest on Instagram to share photos of the world around us, to help draw attention to the myriad of economic and social issues facing communities all around the world.


How it works:

  1. Take a photo of something you want to draw attention to and share it on Instagram. The photo must be original – i.e. you must be the photographer. Your photos are governed under the Instagram terms of use.
  2. Describe what you see, where the photo was taken, and why it means something to you in the caption. Include the hashtag #EachDayISee. Don’t forget to set your account to “public” to have your likes counted!
  3. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and your other social channels to amplify your Instagram post in order to get the most likes. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EachDayISee.
  4. The 20 photos with the most likes on their Instagram photos (sorry, likes, favorites, and +1s on other social networks don’t count) will be selected as finalists
  5. Finalist photos will:
    1. Be featured on World Bank Instagram page
    2. Be featured in a photo album on the World Bank Facebook page
    3. Be publically projected at World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC during the World Bank Spring Meetings in April 2015
    4. Be included in a hard cover premium photo book
  6. Each finalist photo posted to World Bank Instagram will be open for voting. Regram and share your photo from the World Bank Instagram page to your networks on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to encourage likes.
  7. The users who submitted the top five-liked photos will receive the hard copy photo book
PLEASE NOTE: To be fair to all submissions, we will only be able to count likes on photos posted from January 12 - February 13. We welcome previously posted photos with the hashtag added, however we cannot count them toward the contest. If you'd like an older photo to be considered, please re-post it with the hashtag. 

Key Dates:

  1. Contest will run January 12 – February 13.  All photos posted during this time that include the hashtag will be eligible.
  2. Final counting for likes will be completed on February 20, and finalists will be selected and posted to the World Bank Instagram channel on (or during the week of) February 23.
  3. Voting will be open until March 9 at 9 AM.
  4. Top 5 photos receiving the most likes on the World Bank Instagram page will be announced on March 10 and winners will be contacted about receiving their prizes.
  5. Photo books for winners will be delivered by April 15.

Help us get the word out

Even if you don’t participate in the contest, you can help by spreading the word to your network. Below are some sample messages for different social media channels that you can share to help raise awareness of the campaign and contest. We’re looking for photos from around the world that cover a wide range of issues. 

Suggested Instagram Posts

Download full sized images at 
#EachDayISee   #EachDayISee   #EachDayISee   #EachDayISee

What do you see in your community that you’d like to see change? Share your photo with #EachDayISee to enter @WorldBank’s Instagram photo contest. More info at #endpoverty #takeon
#Poverty looks different everywhere in the world. What does it look like where you live? Share your photo with #EachDayISee to enter @WorldBank’s Instagram photo contest. More info at #endpoverty #takeon
We each have our own interpretation of what #poverty looks like, but sharing the issues we face on a daily basis helps us to collectively find solutions.
POST a photo of life through your eyes using #EachDayISee
SHARE through all your social networks to get the most likes
RULES can be found at
#endpoverty #takeon

For closer to the end of the campaign:

There’s only one week left to enter the @WorldBank’s #EachDayISee Instagram photo contest. Make your voice heard and share your photo today #endpoverty #takeon
#EachDayIsee Instagram photo contest is @WorldBank’s way of fighting poverty through photography. Show your support and add your photo before the contest ends #endpoverty #takeon

Suggested Tweets

Download full sized images at
#EachDayISee  #EachDayISee  #EachDayISee  #EachDayISee

  • Enter @worldbank’s #EachDayISee @Instagram photo contest to show why we need to #endpoverty
  • Do you see things every day you'd like to change? Share your photo on @Instagram #EachDayISee
  • Can a photo help #endpoverty? Post pics from your community on @Instagram MORE: #EachDayISee
  • What does #poverty look like where you live? Post your pics on @Instagram #EachDayISee
  • A picture is worth 1000 words. Post pics from your community on @Instagram w/ #EachDayISee
  • Share pics from your community on @Instagram that capture how #poverty looks. #EachDayISee
  • #EachDayISee ______? Share your pics on @Instagram to enter @WorldBank’s contest #endpoverty
  • Describe #poverty where you live using photos in @WorldBank’s #EachDayIsee @Instagram contest

For closer to the end of the campaign:

  • The #EachDayISee @Instagram photo contest is almost over. Post your photo today 
  • Have you posted your #EachDayISee photo to enter @worldbank’s Instagram contest? There’s still time! 
  • Fighting poverty needs partners like you. Add your dev-related photo to #EachDayISee @Instagram contest    

Suggested Facebook or Google+ Posts

Download full sized images at 
#EachDayISee  #EachDayISee  #EachDayISee  #EachDayISee

No matter where you live, you see and experience things every day that make you think, that upset or inspire you, that you wish were different, or that give you hope. Instead of walking past, ignoring, or pretending there’s not an issue capture an image and share it to help raise awareness of the issues where you live. Post a photo of something you see every day on Instagram to enter the World Bank #EachDayISee photo contest. Visit for more info.
Are you passionate about using photos to raise awareness about issues such as poverty in your community? Enter the World Bank #EachDayISee Instagram photo contest and share your passion. Learn more about the contest here: 
Help shed light on development issues in your country. Take a photo of what you think represents life where you live and enter it in the World Bank’s #EachDayIsee photo contest on Instagram. More on how to participate, here: 

For closer to the end of the campaign:

Only one week left until the end of the World Bank’s #EachDayISee Instagram photo contest. Make sure your photo is in the running to be included in a hard cover photo book to be awarded to the top 5 photos. 

By working together we can show that the goal of ending poverty is attainable, but it will take action on many fronts. We look forward to seeing all of your photos from around the world, capturing a huge variety of issues related to global development. 


Submitted by sifiso dlamini on

hi i see many thinks that can change even there i work as volut a good place that can make econom grow n end povert n create more jobs but no support even a devece with instagram is hard to get but i try n show heres many skills even in youth sports agric filming farmig reclingf secure i will show how thanks very much 4 good job

Submitted by zakaria hashim on

I'm not what i seen but what i'm do a samething as them,actually collected the scrap irons,plastic,alluminium and steel this hardware to be recycle also collected coconuts past 15 years already just to survival my life,

Submitted by Shahid M Siddiqui on

World need peace restorers , community welfare , people lovers , poverty eradicators ,........

Submitted by Pramod on

I don't have android and Instagram, but I have many photographs, computer and internet. How can I participate?

Submitted by Rhina Julieta Campos Barrera on

I will love to be in this contest but I dont have a way to picture what is in my mind to the BEST of the world! The WORLD is in so much NEED of a friendly reminder cuz what the world needs is already here! but LAYS in a DEEP sleep! INSIDE OF OUR OWN INTERNAL SELF! EVERYONE OF US "!THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS!" ... ;) ... "Rhina" (®)

Submitted by ibkf on

Does the 20 highest selected likes be selected based on the relevance of the campaign or just the like per se? There's almost 1,300 posts and some of them are travel photos that are not relevant. Hope the collaborators will take a good look at it and not just the likes. A lot of the photos are really great and have a sense to let people know what is happening on their country.

Submitted by trevor pemberton on

i only have a facebook account and would love to participate..will consideration be given to me and person's in a similar situation?....a friend just had a look at my mobile phone and was told i need to upgrade so i can have access to an instagram account..un-fortunately,i can't afford to upgrade/purchase a new mobile phone....

Submitted by on

Thank you for your nice site and informative posts that saw.

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