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Dear Catarina and all, It is important that sanitation is a human right and the discussion of free or paid service needs to be done. Sanitation value chains can bring some income to providers by delivering quality services to people that can afford to pay something for a good service. I'm also sure that cities can pay for sanitation services to it citizens to save money on handling pollution, health costs and clean up budgets. Our organization has maize in the ground now with an agricultural research body in Uganda to see how our pathogen free sludge can be a valuable natural fertilizer securing value creation and limiting pollution. But to achieve results in urban areas there also has to be free access for vulnerable groups and the poorest members of the community. New business models with city/national or donor funding need to be developed to send back some of the society savings back to the sanitation provider. This will give quality toilet access and more innovation to the sector - I believe that this business minded approach is the only way to dent, and some day assure sanitation for all and a fulfillment of this important human right.