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Submitted by Rakesh KN on

1. “cost per capita of constructing water systems is higher in rural than in urban areas”
When we adopt same system or approach for both rural and urban areas, the per capita cost is bound to be higher. In urban areas, often there won’t be any potable water resources, which may not be the case of rural areas. Hence, transporting the water for kilometers can be avoided which itself will reduce the infrastructure cost, operation (energy) cost and cost due to loss. But in practice, we ignore the potential local resources available as we always wants bigger projects to show case.
2. The success story of Red River Delta, Ndieng Diaw and Haiti Water Supply and Sanitation projects are really great and should be model for future when Water Supply and Sanitation projects. But much before the red river delta water supply project, Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project showed the way in the year 2001 (,