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Submitted by Ed Bourque on

Hi. Enjoyed your article.

While I do understand the need for wastewater treatment and re-use, I am curious about inter-sectoral transfers (from agricuture to cities).

Is there a shortage of bulk water for the water utility to treat and deliver?

I don't know the exact figure for agricultural water use in Orange County, but I would imagine that that agriculture uses around 80% of the bulk water in the county. Are we way past the point of trying to set up water markets, or as David Zetland at Aguanomics suggests, annual water auctions (because of annual variability in natural supply, etc)?

Has the battle between agriculture and cities ended, with cities left stuck with expensive re-use and alternative methods of managing supply and demand.

I ask this because, as you and everyone else in the sector knows, household water has a much, much higher per-unit value. You'd think economics would kick in at some point.