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Submitted by Rob Harding on

Dear Maitreyi,

I believe you are mistaken and hope you will reconsider given that you are in a position at an influential organization with a broad audience - and thus have an opportunity to help us prudently change course.

While I generally agree with several of the points you made in this post, rejecting the negative effects of rapid population growth (and existing overpopulation in many countries, including the US) while placing the blame solely on poor allocation, management and politics is like concluding that the length of a rectangle is the sole contributor to its area without considering its width. With all due respect, that is an absurd argument.

Lastly, it's well past time to move beyond correlation to causation when discussing the number of humans, various levels of consumption and waste generation around the world, and their impacts on food and water scarcity, strains on infrastructure, biodiversity loss, global warming, etc..

Please reconsider your position.