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Submitted by janice becker on


You are absolutely correct! Africa has been raped an pillaged by colonial powers for centuries. Declarations of independence by the nations first seemed like it would make a difference for people's lives, but it just relieved the colonialists of the burden of management. Through geopolitical re-alignments, "fair trade" agreements, the use of mercenary forces, and the use of geoengineering to drought out nations and bring them to their knees, Africa is exploited more than ever. All those riches leave the country while poverty, violence, and misery remain. AFRICOMM is another word for colonial rape and pillage--business as usual. I am truly ashamed to be a citizen of the US--the biggest bully and rapist on the planet. I've tried to bring awareness to this issue, but it seems that as long as the problems are across the Atlantic, many other citizens here could not care less.