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Thanks for liking tbe solution of water problem for drinking,bathing,washing clothes,vehicle,animals,running factory and plantation and crop production
We wjll have to check water not to run to sea immediatrly just after rain.So pith in home and step of hills are essential to collect water in ground to be used in summer

Than we will have to condtruct reservoir to collect water of village and hilly area to be reused for farming and washing but never create drain to run to the river.
Than we sbould create more dam with good understanding with public where politicians are creating obstacles.So a good press with environmental knowledge is essential along with national integration and international understanding.
Food habit of rice,sugar should be reduced as it need more water.Bathing in tap needs more water than Bathing in pool
So lifting water in bore water by pump should be taxable to richer as poor can not get water from their dug sell to drink and bath.So poor should be supplied from river from the collected tax of richer.Lickage water,even after creating dams should once again collected from river for irrigation and drinking purposes.Fertilizer and pesticide should be restricted to improve quality of river water as land water is collected in river
Let costal area learn to preserve water and give humanity to hilly area to create dam for their Bathing purposes.