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Submitted by Vijaykumar Kedia on

This planet earth is called "Blue planet" , because of
i) Surface-water- 'Above Ground-water' in Sea, Rivers and water stored in Dams, ponds etc. and
ii) Ground-water- Underground water stored in Aquifers a) Confined aquifers ( extracted through a Borewell ) and b) Unconfined aquifers ( exrtracted through a Well).
iii) Then there is Sky water - Rainwater which replenishes both these Surface-water and Ground-water during monsoon .
iv) There is one more form of water called "Green Water" - Soil-Moiture, which is equally important for our survival. This soil moisture is MOST IMPORTANT for plant growth and in absence of soil- moisture Supportive Irrigation is needed in Agriculture.....

..... Agriculture water consumption is more than 80% of total water used Globally.
We need to reduce load of 'Agriculture Water Demand' on our existing sources of water .
We can achieve SDG 6 of sustainble Water development only
if we can save 'Rainwater as Green water, in the form of Soil-moisture in the land where rain fall.