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January 2011

Join the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network!

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The Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (GYAC) connects and supports youth organizations fighting corruption through sharing experiences, ideas and resources. GYAC also engages with musicians to produce global songs against corruption and with journalists to provide media coverage.  

Do you know where to find the world’s best quality of life?

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Any guesses? You may answer right away or you may be wiser and ask: “Best quality of life depending on what…?!” After all, ranking 192 countries (almost every country in the world) based on their quality of life is not a straightforward task!

Of owls, ethics and other matters

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There’s no denying the importance of biodiversity. When scientists, NGOs, policymakers and others try to convince everyone to protect biodiversity, they remind us of how we depend on it for livelihoods, medicines, soil protection and all kinds of other things, big and small.