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Welcome to the New Youthink!

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Sirikarn, a Thai university student, opted for a bachelor's degree taught in English. English language skills open more job opportunities and make further education abroad possible. Photo: Gerhard Jörén / World Bank

Welcome to the new blog for Youthink! -- where youth from around the world can share ideas and stories on global development.

As you can see, we’ve made some changes from the previous Youthink! site. With our new blog home, we hope to increase engagement with you and make it easier than ever to share ideas and learn about development.

We want to amplify the perse voices of young people in developing countries and beyond, and connect them to experts who can benefit from their views.

So what can you expect? A place to find smart, compelling blog posts, events, photos, videos, chats and resources on how young people are making a difference in their communities and on the issues shaping their role in development. Plus, our blog is multilingual - we will be engaging with you in English, French and Spanish.

We’ll also have a new home for our popular issue “explainers” and our teacher resources.

As our blog expands, we’ll be looking to tap into our network of guest bloggers from around the world and encouraging you to provide us feedback along the way. A big thanks to all of you who have contributed blog posts in the past.

So let’s get started. Tweet us @wbyouthink or join us on Facebook in English, French or Spanish. Send us your blog ideas and subscribe to our newsletter to get new posts directly in your inbox. You can also send us a message by using the contact form.

Our goal via this blog is to connect with you, help you find solutions to the challenges facing your world, and add your voice to the fight against poverty.

Ready to get started?

Let’s go!


Submitted by Vicky on
I found the information very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by Manoj Sapkota on
Interesting blog!!

Submitted by Anik Siddiqui on
Hello, I'm Anik Siddiqui - Head of the Media and Press Unit - South & South East Asian Coordination at World Youth Bank Network E-mail : < [email protected] > Cell : +8801964787906 My Mission: It is available in English, Spanish and French, and aimed at the 1.5 billion young people living in the world today. You are the present. You are inheriting the future. The world needs your input, your ideas and your involvement to. * Reduce poverty * Protect the environment * Improve nutrition * Increase access to schools * Strengthen youth organizations * Increase employment opportunities * End conflict * Reduce risky behavior like drug abuse * Promote youth participation in government & civil service

Submitted by samekong on

Hello , i'm samekong from cameroon and i really appréciate this space which is made for us so that we can have and share news ideas everydays.the poverty issue must be solve generaly around the world and specialy in africa

Submitted by Ashad Rahman on

Wow!! its interesting and great way to communicate to world youth....

Submitted by suraj sharma on

Really interesting and vibrating for the youths.

Submitted by Marianna on

This is a great idea to allow people to really express their views on the world's future