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Get Ready to Change the World!

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Muster all your creativity and innovation, because now is your chance to solve real-world issues like hunger, poverty, disease, conflict and climate change. Get ready to play EVOKE.

is a new game brought out by the World Bank Institute. It empowers you— young people all over the world—to plunge right into the challenge and look for creative solutions. 

Set in the year 2020, the story follows the efforts of a mysterious network of Africa’s best problem-solvers. Each week, as players unravel the mystery of the Evoke network, they will form their own innovation networks: brainstorming creative solutions to real-world development challenges, learning more about what it takes to be a successful social innovator, and finding ways to make a difference in the world.

Players who successfully complete ten online missions in ten weeks will be able to receive a special distinction: World Bank Institute Social Innovator – Class of 2010. Top players will also earn mentorships with experienced social innovators and business leaders from around the world, and scholarships to share their vision for the future at the EVOKE Summit in Washington DC.  

Learn more in this game trailer and then register before March 3, 2010 to reserve your spot in the mission. 


EVOKE trailer (a new online game) from Alchemy on Vimeo.


Submitted by Gabriela on
Coming from a background where i see alot of injustice and poverty in my country "Chile" i cant stop but cry and ask why is it that my family in Chile have to still strugle in their economy. I live In Australia. I have lived in Australia for over 15 years. I also lived in Eurpoe for 5 years and in Chile for 2 years. all up i am 22 years old. Yes there are many times i wish somebody important would hear my cries and my ideas of how to empower peoples lives. Especially in poorer continents like South AMerica and even Afirca. i would like to be a game player. I am studing VCE international studies at RMIT. I should be learning alot more about how the world works..and just why do some countries still have to live in poverty. What kinda solutions should there be? without taking away a nation's culture? i have a few ideas my self.

Submitted by Anonymous on
This sounds innovative and fun. I am sure young people will enjoy this-Play and solve problems.

Submitted by Shi Ming Chung on
I think this is a great innovative idea to bring more awareness to the younger generation. It looks like a great opportunity to bring together the masses for a huge brainstorming event. It would be really interesting if this is less of a game and more of a simulation. I used to imagine that playing Sim City has some real world implications to it; hopefully this game will bring more reality to the entertainment side. Where can I sign up? I'm having trouble loading the video.

Hello, Thanks for your interest. To sign up, please visit: Good luck!

Submitted by Anonymous on
Will the game only be in english?

Hi, Game content will only be in English, but players can post and participate in discussions in any language.