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Submitted by Dylan Mistry on

Decrease the rate of income tax for the over 50's to about 7.5%, to those who are on a wage of £11,000 - £17,000, which is a lot of the public sector workers. This way the lower income earners can save for retirement and then the retirement age can be decreased to about 60 years old. At the same time introduce more schemes to help the youth. As a result, when people retire earlier, the youth can come through at the same time, creating jobs for the younger generation. Then as the older generation are saving for retirement, they should be allocated a separate ISA or Currnet accounts where the interest rate is higher,say about 5%, this way benefits can be cut, because the money the older generation have saved in the last 10years will last them longer. In other words they can live off the interest. With the benifits being cut, the income tax off other workers could be used to generate better schemes for youth progression. Now the older generation have been sorted, this leaves opportunities for the younger generation, as businesses will need new talent, the youth unemployment rate will decrease. Creating a constant flow of youth development and a new era for talent on a global scale.