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Do poverty and climate change affect you?

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Maybe the summers where you live are hotter than ever. Maybe there’s a kid who works in your neighborhood restaurant when he should be at school instead. Have you ever stopped to think about the repercussions of climate change or poverty in your life? It can be so subtle that quite often we don’t even notice.

In a recent World Bank contest, young people in Mexico and Colombia were asked to consider this issue, and provide their answers through photos, video and essays. With a total of 50.4 million people between 12-29 years in the two countries, they definitely have a strong youth voice between them! Here are the questions they tackled:

Do poverty and climate change concern you? Do you think you have good proposals to end these issues? Are you tired of the lack of solutions? We want to hear from you!

Check out the winning photos and then let us know what you think. Do you face similar challenges in your communities? Have you seen the impacts of climate change and poverty around you? Send us your comments, ideas or photos!