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Pakistan's youth speaks out

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Over the weekend, I read an article in the New York Times that really struck me. It's about a recent survey of 1,226 young people in Pakistan (ages 18-29), which shows that most of them are very worried about their futures. They also stressed that there is a dire need to invest in education, employment and to tackle corruption. Most of all, the survey reveals, they are worried about inflation, which "rose to 23 percent in 2009, pushing 7% of Pakistanis back into poverty."

The article also mentions some good news, saying "The young people were civic-minded, with a third saying the purpose of education was to create good citizens. They were also more interested in collective action and volunteer activities than their parents."

What would a survey of youth in your country reveal? What are the issues that you and your peers worry about most, and what are you optimistic/hopeful about?